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10.12.1 Adding a table title

The (default) white area in the top left of the gantt table may have a title. This is accessed by the 'tableTitle' property of the gantt scale. Using this is straightforward as the following lines show.

 $graph ->scale->tableTitle-> Set( "(Rev: 1.22)");
$graph->scale-> tableTitle-> SetFont( FF_FONT1, FS_BOLD);
$graph->scale-> SetTableTitleBackground( "silver");
$graph->scale-> tableTitle-> Show();

The example lines above also changes the default white background to silver. Adding these lines to the previous example gives the following result:

Figure 162: Adding a table title. [src] 

From the above example you might notice that the width of the left column (which holds all the titles) have automatically adjusted itself to make the table title fit.

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