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10.14 Adding CSIM (Client side Image Maps) to Gantt charts

Gantt charts can have independent (different targets) hot spots in both the activities and in the associated labels for each activity.

You specify the target and the associated "Alt" text for an activity bar by calling the GanttBar::SetCSIMTarget() and GanttBar::SetCSIMAlt()

In a similar way you set the target and Alt texts for the activity title as the following code extract shows.

 $bar ->SetCSIMTarget ("http://localhost/abc/" );
$bar->SetCSIMAlt( "Alt Text for the bar");
$bar->title-> SetCSIMTarget( "http://localhost/abc");
$bar->title-> SetCSIMAlt( "Alt Text for the title");

The above code assumes that your activity is available in the variable 'bar'. In the example directory there is a complete example of how to use CSIM together with Gantt charts in the "ganttcsimex1.php" file. (Please note that this example makes use of the simplified Gantt chart specification using the CreateSimple() method.

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