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4.7.5 Understanding text alignment in JpGraph

For everyday use of JpGraph understanding of the alignment of text strings in not necessary. However, if you like to add arbitrary strings to the graph (with Graph::AddText()) or when working directly on a canvas it will help understand this.

Text is added to a graph with the creation of a Text() object. And the alignment is specified with Text::Align() Text alignment might actually be a misguiding name. What you specify is rather the anchor point for the text, i.e. when you specify that a text should be positioned at position (x,y) how is that coordinate to be interpretated.

The image below shows a text string aligned in the 9 possible combinations. In the image the red crosses indicate what coordinate that text string was positioned at. The alignment used for each of the cases is shown below.

Figure 2: Specifying alignment (anchor-point) for text strings [src]  

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