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7.2 Specifying targets for image map plots

To turn a standard image script into a CSIM script the first thing needed to do is to supply the appropriate URL targets for the hotspots in the image.

What the hotspots represent depends on the type of plot you are doing. The following plot types and graph areas support image maps.

To specify a link for each hotspot you have to use the SetCSIMTargets() method for each plot (or specific area) in the graph which should be a hotspot.

There are two arguments to this method

  1. $aTargets, an array of valid URL targets. One URL per hot spot, for example if you have a 10 values bar plot you need 10 URLs. If the SetCSIMTarget() is applied to, for example, a text then of course only one URL target should be specified.
  2. $aAlts, an array of valid alt-texts. Many browsers (but not all) will show this text string if the mouse hovers over a hotspot.

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