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8.19.3 Adjusting the position of the scale labels

How to adjust the actual labels are discussed elsewhere in this manual (see ???,???). However we like to mention here that you can adjust the label margin (distance between the axis and the labels) with the method Axis::SetLabelMargin()

to adjust the actual label format (like font, color, angle) you need to access the Axis::SetFont() and the Axis::SetColor() methods. If you investigate the Axis class you will discover more methods to adjust the many aspects of the axis layout.

As a final note we also mention the methods Axis::SetLabelAlign() and Axis::SetLabelAngle() This first method is really only mentioned here for completeness since it is mostly used for internal purposes. However on some occasion you might want to adjust the alignment of the labels. By default they are centered in respect to the tick mark. By using the method you might override this positioning should you choose to do so.

The second of these methods adjusts the angle of the label in regards to the axis. This is very useful for X-axis that have long labels.

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