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9.1.1 Simple radar plots

Let's start by creating a very simple radar plot based on 5 data points using mostly default values.

As the first thing you must remember to include the extension module that contains the radar plot. "jpgraph_radar.php".

A very simple radar plot is created by the code

(File: radarex1.php)
include ( "../jpgraph.php");
include (
// Some data to plot
$data  = array(55,80, 46,71,95 );
// Create the graph and the plot
$graph  = new RadarGraph (250,200, "auto");
$plot  = new RadarPlot ($data);

// Add the plot and display the graph
$graph->Add( $plot);

and would give the result

Figure 111: A first very simple radar plot using default settings [src]  

To change the size and position of the radar graph is similar to the pie plot and you do it by using the methods SetSize() and SetCenter()

If you want a filled radar plot you need to specify the fill color with the method SetFillColor() The following example shows these methods in action

Figure 112: Changing size, position and adding fill color to the radar plot. [src] 

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