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3.1.1 Verifying that you have the GD library installed

In order to make sure that the GD installed the following example would be run. The example creates a very simple image using just pure GD calls and outputs an image in PNG format. This could be considered a smoke-test to see that the GD library is available from PHP. Please note that this is an absolute pre-requisite in order for the JpGraph library to work at all.

Store the code snippet below somewhere in the document root and make sure it runs correctly.

 $im = @ ImageCreate ( 150100)
    or die (
"Cannot create a new GD image.");
$background_color ImageColorAllocate  ($im255 255255);
$text_color ImageColorAllocate  ($im233 1491);
ImageString  ($im1 55,  "A Simple Text String"$text_color );
header ("Content-type: image/png");
ImagePng ($im);

If the above script does not work or some error or warnings are printed on the screen then it is necessary to correct those problems before proceeding with the installation.

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