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3.1 Preparation

In order to make use of the library it is necessary to ensure that the script files can correctly access the library include files (as described below) and that the PHP installation supports at least one graphic format, i.e. it supports the "image" extension in PHP.

This is easiest verified by either checking the output of the phpinfo() standard PHP function or by making sure the PHP installation make the 'imagecreate()' function available.

This means that the installation must have a working GD-library together with PHP before the library JpGraph can be used. Please make sure you have version 4.3.x or above of PHP since JpGraph is not actively tested with versions prior to PHP 4.3.x Ideally you should use at least PHP 4.3.8

Please note that the 1.x version of the library do not support PHP 5.x

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