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8.1.12 Specifying text labels for the X-axis

You might want to have specific labels you want to use for the X-axis when this has been specified as a "text" scale. In the previous example each Y-point might represent a specific measurement for each of the first 10 month. We might then want to display the name of the months as X-scale.

To specify the labels on the scale you make use of the SetTickLabels() method.

To get a localized version of the name of the month you can use a nice feature in JpGraph, the global '$gDateLocal' object which is an instance of the DateLocale

This class has a number of methods to get localized versions of relevant names for dates, (months and weekdays).

So to specify the X-axis with the short form of the month names we use the construction

 $a  $gDateLocale-> GetShortMonth();
$graph->xaxis-> SetTickLabels( $a);

This will, now result in the image displayed below

Figure 20: Specifying text labels for the X-axis [src] 

Note: It is also perfectly legal to override the default labels for the Y (and Y2) axis in the same way, however there is seldom need for that. Please note that the supplied labels will be applied to each major tick label. If there are insufficient number of supplied labels the non-existent positions will have empty labels.

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