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8.2.9 Using gradient fill for bar graphs

It is possible to use color gradient fill for the individual bars in the bar graph.

Color gradient fill fills a rectangle with a smooth transition between two colors. In what direction the transition goes (from left to right, down and up, from the middle and out etc) is determined by the style of the gradient fill. JpGraph currently supports 8 different styles. All supported styles are displayed in the figure below.

Figure 44: [src] 

Figure 45: [src] 

Figure 46: [src] 

Figure 47: [src] 

Figure 48: [src] 

Figure 49: [src] 

Figure 50: [src] 

Figure 51: [src] 

To specify a gradient fill for the bar plots you make use of the method BarPlot::SetFillGradient() . See the class reference for details of this function.

When using gradient fills there are a couple of caveats you should be aware of:

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