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9.3.1 Overview

Each data point in a polar plot is represented by a tuple consisting of a radius and an angle. The polar plot itself can be either outlined or filled. In addition each point may have a standard marker (the same as for line and scatter plots).

The scale for the radius can be either linear or logarithmic.

A polar graph is created by creating an instance of PolarGraph::PolarGraph(). The polar graph type inherits all the capabilities of ordinary X-Y graphs, i.e they can have background images, background gradients, tabbed titles and so on.

Polar graphs comes in two basic types, they can either show a full 360 degree graph or a half 180 degree graph. The two examples below show these two basic types of graphs.

Figure 135: A simple 360 degree polar graph [src] 

Figure 136: The 180 degree variant polar plot. [src] 

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